Our Story

Alison Fife and John Bernards behind a desk, looking at camera and smiling

Independent Advice

We started this firm because we didn’t like the typical Wall Street model where investment firms sell their products to meet their sales goals—not your financial goals. We provide truly independent and objective investment and financial advice.

Rooted in the Community

Like the families we serve, our advisors are raising their families in this community, so we can relate to balancing busy careers and competing financial priorities. You’re saving for college, vacations, and keeping a watchful eye on retirement. We’ve experienced the same challenges, so we’ll help you make informed decisions along the way.

Faye Halloran working with a client at desk

Problem Solvers

Our team is grateful to guide an amazing group of clients. We enjoy seeing the relief and confidence in their faces when they realize their money is working effectively for them, or hearing from them share that they’re not worrying so much about their financial future.

John Garstka, Jr. behind a desk with notepad and pen

Our Philosophy

We embrace a disciplined and moderately conservative investment approach. We don’t chase hot stocks or trendy fads. You can rely on our years of experience through all market cycles to guide you through the chaos, so you can confidently sleep well at night.

Professional Partnerships

To bring you the highest caliber of financial resources, we’ve created valuable partnerships with a network of like-minded and trusted professionals. These partnerships help bring us rich capabilities in tax planning, estate planning, and federal benefits planning, to better serve your sophisticated needs.