Your Security Matters to Us

Protecting your personal information is paramount to us. We work with Commonwealth Financial Network® and their Written Information Security Program (WISP) to ensure your data is secure at all times. This program complies with the strictest state and federal regulations, with the goal of creating a culture where sensitive information is fully protected.

Compliance with Federal Regulations

Government regulations are applied and enforced to help protect you against risk.

We work in accordance with SEC Regulation S-P, which implements certain provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. These policies and procedures address administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for protecting customer records and information and responding to unauthorized access to or use of personal information.

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Aiming for the Highest Security Standards

Rigorous standards are implemented across our network to safeguard your personal information. Commonwealth employ measures to protect against security threats.

Physical Safeguards

Physical Safeguards

These include secure document destruction, auto-locking doors, and controlled keycard access to facilities.

Technology Safeguards Icon

Technology Safeguards

These include antivirus and spyware protection, multiple layers of firewall protection, and email data encryption.

Organizational Safeguards Icon

Organizational Safeguards

Employees understand the importance of data protection and the consequences of security breaches.

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Restricted Access

We authorize access to your nonpublic personal information only to Commonwealth employees and necessary third parties.

An Ongoing, Active Program

Commonwealth is firmly committed to complying with all laws and regulations designed to protect the information entrusted to us. We continue to monitor changes to data security regulations at both the federal and state levels, and we update our policies as necessary.